Improve your poker skills with Poker Trainer’s interactive exercises, practices and tutorials. There are poker training exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced players in the full poker training package.
Poker is hard to learn because it takes a long time for mistakes to become obvious through the results. With Poker Trainer the game is broken down into individual parts that you can practice to make sure you master one at a time.
Poker Trainer consists of tutorials and practical exercises to help you:
  • Improve your postflop hand reading skills. 
  • Practice preflop skills.
  • Learn poker hand ranking.
  • Quickly recognize the best hand.
  • Understand and calculate pot odds.

You can compete for the monthly high score or you can practice which will let you see the correct answer after each question. When you are competing the exercise is on time (which will help improve your speed). Wrong answer costs 10 seconds, except in postflop where the number of seconds are the size of your error.

Are you a Noob or a Legend? Find out now!





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