Preflop 3-betting ranges

These ranges are intended for situations when one player has made a raise before you and you raise them. For most part our 3-betting ranges are relatively strong. You will see some hands like A5s or QTs here and there. These are not the strongest hands, they are added as 3-betting light hands. A reason why lower suited aces are used is that they both can make straights and flushes, but they are also what is called blockers. When you have an ace it reduces the possibility that your opponent has one somewhat. This is a way of semi-bluffing, with a decent hand that can become strong if called (normally you will fold these against a raise).

3Bet MP vs UTG
3Bet CO vs UTG
3Bet BTN vs UTG
3Bet SB vs UTG

3Bet BB vs UTG

3Bet CO vs MP
3Bet BTN vs MP
3Bet SB vs MP
3Bet BB vs MP
3Bet BTN vs CO
3Bet SB vs CO
3Bet BB vs CO
3Bet SB vs BTN
3Bet BB vs BTN
3Bet BB vs SB