Cash Game Coach

Aleksandar Stojkovic

About me

  • I am a professional poker player from Belgrade, Serbia.
  • I have played poker professionally for nine years.
  • I have been coaching poker for three years.
  • My current limits are $100 NL – $200 NL, with average win rate 8BB/100.
  • I do not teach GTO and I am not a GTO player. I do not think you should be either, especially on lower limits.
  • Every opponent has weaknesses and in my opinion the best approach is identifying them and deviate from GTO for maximum exploitation.

My sessions include:

  • Database analysis.
  • Finding and fixing leaks.
  • Analyzing your opponents.
  • Finding best possible plays in certain player pools.
  • Teaching how to use a HUD for best possible play against your opponents, as well as understanding your own mistakes.
  • Mental game is an important quality of every winning player.
  • Focusing equally on technical and psychological parts of the game.

I will coach you to:

  • Reduce tilt.
  • Stay mentally sharp and always play your A game.

View my results from 2022 and 2023:

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