Who is Poker Trainer?

Hello and welcome to my training site!
Beyond the screen, I am Thomas from Sweden.

Poker has been a passion of mine since 2001, and what attracts me especially, is the combination of analysis, creativity and the social aspect of gambling.

My time is mostly spent on the underlying theory of the game, and practically, I’m a winning micro stakes player. The name of the game is GTO (Game Theory Optimal), which is the strategy you’ll learn if you decide to participate in the activities on this particular training site.

In Sweden, online gambling is legalized and regulated. Therefor, most of my table time is spent on Pokerstars. When I do decide to get frisky, I’ll swing by the local casino. If this happens on vacation, I enjoy the poker rooms of Barcelona.

Due to poker’s inherent components of complexity and luck, applying the theory one learns is quite difficult. This cannot only make it difficult to become self-taught, but also make it difficult to receive feedback from others, since barring basic “spots”, no two people may give you the same answer. If they do give you the same answer, it will likely be for different reasons.

Once upon a time I spent a long time trying to find an app or a site from where I could learn poker. Eventually, that search led to me making my own, and so in 2009, Poker Trainer was launched.

Historically, the first exercise on the site was Hand Reading, where you assess the equity of your hand against your opponent’s range at different stages. Since then, more exercises have been added, and nowadays, I aim to please the needs of both beginners and advanced players.

Through my users, I receive a lot of greatly appreciated feedback. This feedback directly correlates to site and app improvements, which in turn, helps all of us to learn better. With that in mind, please send your suggestions either directly through the app, or via support@pokertrainers.se. All thoughts are welcome!

I wish you the best of luck on your poker journey!