Facing a preflop 4-bet

Facing a preflop 4-bet

Someone raised, you 3-bet, and then they 4-bet. The rest have folded. Decide your next move confidently with Poker Trainer’s beginner’s guide to facing a preflop 4-bet!

Facing a 4-bet

Bet sizing

It is recommended to normally raise all-in when raising. There are exceptions to this, especially at deep stack depth or when playing a more advanced strategy. For more information, see Preflop bet sizing 2023.

When to call

Hands that sometimes want to call are:

  • Medium pocket pairs
  • Suited broadways and some suited aces
  • Suited connectors

When to re-raise (5-bet)

Hands that often 5-bet are very strong hands, like JJ-AA and AK. Sometimes hands with blocking effects are 5-bet as well, like AQo, A5s.


A blocker means you hold card(s) that reduce the likelihood of the opponent having a strong hand.

When you have for example AQ you reduce villains strong combos:

  • AK: 16 → 12 combos
  • AQ: 16 → 9 combos
  • QQ: 6 → 3 combos

BB vs BTN 4-bet, MTT 100 bb stack

It is challenging to memorize all the different charts just by looking at them. It is also hard to know if you remember correctly. We strongly recommend practicing preflop ranges in the preflop exercise to help you commit them to memory and get feedback on mistakes.

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