Preflop bet sizing in 2023

Preflop bet sizing in 2023

Sizing of preflop bets has changed quite a bit over the years. Some of the guesses that were made before we had solvers turned out to be quite wrong. The following is an up-to-date, simplified preflop bet size guide. It is suited for cash games and MTT with 100 bb stacks.

Preflop bet sizing in 2023 table

This guide is simplified. Advanced players might want to study the details of how preflop bet sizing changes in minor ways with the exact positions and stack depths in play.

GTO (Game Theory Optimal) sometimes have smaller open raise sizes in early positions (starting at 2 bb at some stack depths). There is a small loss in theory, but in practice, the guidance above might be better than GTO at lower stakes due to higher rake than in the GTO solution (in cash games) and for exploitative reasons. If players are calling with too many weak hands and not 3-betting enough, betting bigger than GTO exploits their mistakes. In more extreme cases (typically low stakes live cash games) it makes sense to increase open raise size even more, to 3-5 bb. It will also help decrease the number of multiway pots, which in general reduce the skill advantage.

In MTT things change as stacks become smaller. At around 20 bb stack depth the open raise size has become 2bb (min-raise) and 3-bets mainly all-in.

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