Hold'em Basics

Basic Texas Hold'em Concepts

In order to properly do your poker training you also need to know a bit about the theory of poker. The information listed here is arranged so that the most basic stuff comes first. If you are a beginner you might not fully understand the more advanced games theory when you start out, but that's ok, you'll learn soon enough if you keep it up.

Poker hand ranking

The first thing you need to know about poker is how the different poker hands rank. Some beginners struggle with whether a straight beats a flush etc. Here you find the rank of all poker hands. In Hold'em your poker hand is based on your hole cards and the board (community cards). You can use both hole cards, one hole card or none of your hole cards to create a poker hand. For more info see Texas Hold'em Basics below.
Video instructions: Poker Hand Ranking Exercise

Texas Hold'em Rules

The basic rules and structure of Texas Hold'em.

Limit, No-Limit and Tournaments

Texas Hold'em is played with several different structures. The most common are: Limit, No-Limit and Tournaments and Sit & Go's.


Position in Texas Hold'em refers to where you sit compared to the dealer (the button). Being in late position is good, because you have seen the actions of the players acting before you. And there are few players left that might have a better hand than yours.

Complete beginner strategy

A minute to learn - a lifetime to master. That is what they say about Texas Hold'em. And there is a lot of truth to it.
When I started out playing No-limit Texas Hold'em I made lots and lots of fundamental mistakes - even after reading a couple of books.
I like to make things easier - and cheaper - for you so I have created a simple strategy for you that if you follow that you will play a fairly good game from the very beginning.

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