Hold'em Advanced


The soul of all poker is the betting. When you bet, raise and call you should normally try to make bets that are good for you and bad for your opponent.
Video instructions: Pot Odds Implied Odds

Drawing hands

Playing drawing hands in Hold'em takes a lot of skill. One of the fundamental things about it is to make sure that you get paid enough if you hit your draw. A rule of thumb is that for each out (a card that makes your draw) you get 2 % chance of hitting your draw with one card to come and 4 % chance of hitting your draw with two cards to come. Be careful with the last one, because often you will have to pay more on the turn.
Video instructions: Draw with outs

Hand reading

A crucial aspect of poker is to be able to "read" your opponents hand. This means deriving a good guess on what cards your opponent is likely to hold.

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