Pokertrainer Exercise Widget

With the Pokertrainer Exercise Widget anyone can learn how to play poker - and practice poker skills one at a time. There are poker training exercises both for beginners and for advanced players.

All you have to do to put the widget on your page is to copy the code below and paste it within the body tags of one of your pages. If you are creating your pages in a tool make sure you paste the code in html mode.

You can modify the background and text colors of the widget. Default the background is transparent and the text is white.
You can also put your own ads in the widget, see details on how to do that below.

Background color:         Text color:  

Copy the text below and paste between body tags on your page (or using html mode if in tool).

When you verify the result make sure that the first page of the widget is loaded - otherwise it will not change.
When you are happy with the result drop an e-mail to with a brief description of your site and I will link to you from

Of course you can also contact me if you need support or just want to give feedback.

Benefits with Pokertrainer Exercise Widget

It is fun and educational and you earn more money when you play poker!
As a siteowner or blogger you get the following additional benefits by putting the widget on your pages.

Serving your own ads

If you have an html page with ads you like to serve enter the URL here and click Update. The code above will be modified.
You need to begin with http://www. for it to work.

Depending on how much traffic you have you can get 50 - 100 % of the ads that are shown in the exercises.
To serve your own ads you need to create an html page that contains the ad that you want to serve.
The ads can be any kind of ad, including hosted banners.
The size is 468 x 60.

Verify that the ad works by pasting the code on your page, and play to the end of a game twice. The second time when you come to the end your ad should be shown. If you run more games according to figures above, the amount of your ads that are served will be changed automatically.

Please contact if you need help.
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